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Mechanical Finger Spinner Innovation Workshop

T Park - Environmental Protection Department 

100 Participant.

Make a personalised finger spinner using discarded car parts and a 3D printing pen. Let’s explore 3D printing technology and mechanism of automobiles by making your unique upcycling toy.

Sparkling Diamond Lamp Innovation Workshop

T Park - Environmental Protection Department 

100 Participant.
Bring a used plastic bottle, stretch your creative muscles and make your own sparkling diamond lamp. Let’s brighten your path of green lifestyle with a truly one-of-a-kind illumination.

Imagination and Innovation Workshop

Kau Yan Primary School

100 P.4 students.

ATB conduct an Environmental Awareness Creative Workshop for public to raise knowledge about waste and how can it be turn to usable items.  

- Studies in developing a creative thinking and aesthetic sensitivity on a Diamond Lamp and Badge


ATB Studio visiting

Kau Yan Primary School

100 primart students visit ATB Studio, ATB give a first touch expereince to the students, on waste auto parts.Inspiring the students to pay more attention to the treasures hidden in such discarded materials. 

Bike Upcycling Design Workshop

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

100 students, 3 months production time, 20 discarded bike, turned to 24 Bike Art Furniture..

"Upcycling workshop" stands design inspired by the observation details of dailylife. Observing the aesthetics from different materials, to enable students to make use of creativity. From a wide range of learning, project-based, develop the skill of problem solving, a culture of helping each other, share ing each other's spirit. They are required to make a furniture with practical function, which alsocan be used in daily life, rather than to waste again into another through the use of waste thereof.

Discovery Design Workshop

Hong Kong Design Center

Organize upcycling design workshops, working with other education or design institution, to

Education teenagers a new method of design, and raise public awareness towards environmental

Protection and possible ways to reybele wastes.

Tailor Made Celling Lamp - 
Secondary School Project

Telly lead a group of secondary students tailor made a gaint celling lamp which was used 400 plastic bottles.

The celling lamp is placing at Bejis Food restarant at Hong Kong Universtity. 

Discover Design Workshop

Design Center

Lead a group of students, through the five-day workshop, students will explore how to use creative thinking activation of traditional culture, stimulate the imagination of culture,  rediscover and appreciation of Chinese traditional culture and thinking of its value and meaning.


The workshop is divided into three parts,

a) Visual data collection,

b) Creative ideas and design concepts

c) Mold making and production, produce models.

Conduct Workshop for Sewing Ladies

Esquel Enterprises

Collaborated with Wai Yat Limited Company to hold a primary level upcycling

workshop for 100 unemployed sewing workers.

A significant part of ATB’s social impact comes from the training workshops, which ATB provides for the displaced sewing ladies. These workshops tech many displaced ladies techniques.

K11 Clubs
Environment Awarness Workshop


​Plastic Bottle Badge Making Workshop

ATB to conduct an Environmental Awareness Creative Workshop for K11 Club to raise knowledge about waste and how can it be turn to usable items.  

Corporates Education Project –
Peninsula Hotel, DBS Workshop


ATB to conduct Environmental Awareness Creative Workshops for corporates (CSR),  to raise knowledge about waste and how can it be turn to usable items.  

Creativity workshop at BODW


ATB conducts educational workshop re-examing waste treatment methods and attitudes toward reusable property. This includes seminars through which secondary school students are taught the concept of upcycling.

Creative art course for drug abused teenagers


Six weeks project for ten drug drug abused teenagers in drug rehabilitation. They have to learn concept of basis design. Collect discarded materials, tranform to art furniture. ​Thought the process of re-creation, get back their self value.

The exhibition has opened in “HKLCC. It’s opened to public, people surprised and appreciating their works.

​Economic Daily had published the project and thier story as feature story.

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