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At ATB Auto Art we believe that every creation can be an accumulation of inspiration, practicality and artistic form that gives a new perspective to people and things that are easily ignored.





ATB Auto Art is a social enterprise. We salvage from scrap yards disposed car parts which are hidden treasures made of precision metals.  Using our creativity and craftsmanship of marginalized local workers, ATB transforms these discarded parts into pieces of high-quality and inspiring art.  This is our way of protecting the environment, as well as showing recognition and respect for the city’s expert craftspersons who have honed their skills through a life-time, but are now working in sunset industries. Their contribution to Hong Kong’s prosperity is therefore etched into our artistic creations.











Telly Woo, one of Hong Kong's leading advocate in upcycling, is the Founder and Creative Director of ATB Auto Art.  Telly started the company in 2011 out of passion and social mission, and has since then devoted her time and energy on design and production feasibility of ATB’s creations. 


Firmly believing that high-end and functional art pieces can emerge from hidden beauty in perceived trash, Telly’s unique and customizable design approach ensures that each ATB creation has a personalized appeal that cannot be replicated.  At ATB we call this “art-cycling” - the transformation of hidden art into new and redefined art.

Telly is a product and interior design professional with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Art and Design in Education from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  She was Champion of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge in 2011, and has since then won a number of other youth social entrepreneurship awards in Hong Kong.


Telly is an outdoor person and an avid windsurfer and canoer.  Do say hi if you spot her on the beach!

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